Estate & Trust Services

Preserving One’s Assets is one of the Oldest Traditions Known. Within this tradition, we at Couch & Associates respect the intentions and wishes of our clients while guiding them through the process of complying with state and federal tax and accounting requirements for trusts and estates. We are committed to bringing together the best of both worlds.

We partner with executors, administrators, conservators and money wealth managers to manage ongoing accounting and to prepare the appropriate tax filings for trusts and estates. Some areas we commonly work through:

•Determine which assets are taxable;
•Identify which tax forms need to be completed;
•Establish and track due dates for all forms;
•Prepare trust and fiduciary accountings;
•Determine the best place to recognize income across the entities involved;
•Establish how beneficiaries report income they receive from an inheritance;
•Determine the strategic donation of appreciated stock to maximize the doubleplay of tax benefits

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